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Teg Reggib, Esiotrot!

Aside from this drawing stuff, I’m in a band called Esiotrot. We’re due to release a real-life vinyl record soon, and here’s the label. So, if you download it illegally, you can print this out and stick it on your iPod. Also: we’re playing at Barden’s Boudoir, Dalston on October 17th with Darren Hayman. Come on down!

Posted by Adey on September 17th, 2008
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Smelt This

You might just see this picture on the literature pages of Dazed shortly, with thanks to Sarah Fakray. It’s intended to represent Andri Snær Magnason and the impact of aluminium smelters on Iceland’s environment. Whether it does or not is anyone’s guess.

Posted by Adey on September 15th, 2008
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Get Your Anorak On!

When I were a kid, all we had to read were the Yellow Pages. Now kids big and small can enjoy the delights of Anorak magazine, and I’m lucky enough to have illustrated a story for it. Big thanks to Cathy Olmedillas and Supermundane!

Posted by Adey on September 12th, 2008
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